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Rates effective as of 03/01/19
Deposit Rates
Type    APY
91 Day CD    0.30%
182 Day CD    0.30%
12 Month CD    0.55%
18 Month CD    0.60%
30 Month CD    0.75%
5 Year CD    1.51%
SPECIAL 48 MONTH CD    1.15%
18 Month fixed rate IRA    0.40%
Money Market (MMDA)    0.35%
NOW    0.35%
Passbook Savings    0.35%
*Annual Percentage Yield or APY- The annual rate of interest paid on an account which does reflect compounding. All Certificates listed above require a $500 minimum opening deposit with the exception of the 48 Month Special requiring a $5000 deposit. New money 12 month special minimum of $5,000 maximum of $200,000. Penalty's for early withdrawl. Rates are subject to change after the account is open with the Now, Money Market, Passbook Savings, & IRA accounts.
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